Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lil' Drugstore dm Haul

Here I am with a tiny drugstore haul. I went to dm (a German drugstore) and bought just a few things:

Blend-a-med - 3D-White / 1,75 €
I have read so many good reviews about this toothpaste. It promises whiter teeth in 2 weeks. Actually I don't believe in this but anyway I will give it a try.

Garnier - Pure A Daily Treatment Moisturiser / Garnier Hautklar A Tägliche Feuchtigkeitspflege / 3,95 €
My day cream is nearly used up and now I wanted to try out a new one. Because I have been using the same cream for four years now. Although I am satisfied with my current day cream, I think it's good for my skin to get a change.

I will make a post about my current skin care routine soon.

P2 - Define your lip line! lip liner / 2,25 €
P2 is dm's own cosmetic brand. This lipliner is transparent. I love it. Now I don't need to look for the matching lipliner for my lipsticks. 

Have you used a transparent lipliner before?

Kneipp Bath Crystals / Kneipp Badekristalle Balance Fuer Mich / 0,65 €
It's getting colder in Germany. At this time I love taking hot baths. There is nothing more relaxing. This is a bath essence scented in lotus, jasmine, orchid and rice seed oil. Can't wait to have a bath.


  1. Transparent lip liner!!..interesting..

  2. der lip liner interessiert mich sehr. magst du mal ein tragebild davon machen? vllt kauf ich mir den dann auch.


  3. Please do the post on your skin care routine soon :)

  4. was hältst du von Balea men Gesichtsmaske?