Sunday, October 31, 2010

Balea Handlotion & p2 cosmetics LE "Meet me at 12:30" Lipstick

I have found a new handlotion by Balea at DM. It smells of vanilla and sheabutter. It softens the skin and spends so much moisture. I like the handy packaging (330 ml). One pump and you get enough product.

So sad that it is just a limited edition! I have to buy an extra one for my desk at office, so I can use it there.

Actually I wanted to stop buying drugstore lipsticks, but I couldn't leave DM without buying this color of the p2 Cosmetics limited edition "Meet me at 12:30". It's a great nude color for darker skinned - fantastic brown.

1 comment:

  1. wow that brown is gorgeous. I think that with a lot of Asian skin tones, brown lipstick often looks flat or muddy. But this looks really light & fresh.