Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vacation in Turkey

We were on vacation in Turkey. It was so damn relaxing. We had a load of fun for 11 days. As opposite to the weather in Germany it was wonderful. The sun was always shining, we had around 30 °C.

One day we took a Turkish Bath (Hamam). It was so good, we felt very clean and fresh after sauna, total body scrub/foam massage, facial treatment and total body massage with almond oil. It was a good experience.

Shopping in Turkey is "okay". I didn't buy so many things there. Just a few clothes...that's all. Strange for me, but I wasn't interested in buying makeup there. I have often seen the brand flormar which is also available in Germany.

Here are a few impressions of our vacation.

Our hotel

Huge pool area

Poolbar at night


Fresh fish



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  1. gal!!!!!!! its so great to see u posting!!! where were u???? anyway great to know tat u had a lovely time. post more pics!