Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Desi Tag

Many Desi-Youtuber do this TAG, so I thought, why not myself too!

But first what does DESI mean? Here is an explanation:

Desi (தேசி, ; देशी, ਦੇਸੀ, دیسی) or Deshi (; ദേശി, দেশী, देशी) or Desiyudu (దేశీయుడు) refers to
the peoples, cultures, and products of South Asia. The word is originally from Sanskrit (देशी deśī), literally meaning "from the country" or "of the country". 

Desi is a word that the South Asians use as a self-designation, without mentioning any specific country of origin and refers to a broader common identity. It also refers to the subculture of the South Asian Diaspora .

So here we go:

Which desi country are you from?

My parents are from Sri Lanka, but I was born in Germany.

Which desi languages do you speak?
I speak Tamil. In the past I went to a Tamil school every sunday in order to learn my mother tongue.  I am really happy to be able to speak Tamil.

What is your favourite desi food?
I love kottu roti, idiyappa biryani, dosa, ... *Yummy*

What do you think describes you best as a Desi?
Although I was born & raised in Germany my parents always tried to make our culture accessible to me. When I was a child I couldn't understand why but today I am really proud of my mum and dad. Our culture is my identification! Even if I live here, I won't forget my origin. My brown skin will show it anyway...

If you could meet one known Desi person, who would you like to meet?
That would be Kamal Haasan. I love his movies. He always comes up with new ideas. His films are not always mainstream. That's great!

So that is it! Now I'd like to tag:

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  1. Thank you for tagging me, will do it today :) x

  2. Hey there! Nice blog you got :) Really love your banner.
    Btw, I'm from Chennai, India, so I can speak Tamil too :D