Friday, August 27, 2010

First Award: 10 random things I like

Yeah I received my first blog award by Fashion Fairytale. She is a cute German blogger. 

And now I have to name 10 things I like...

  1. My family: I am so happy that I got them. They are always there for me and I can trust them. Especially my sisters. I love to meet my mum & dad & my sisters and spend time together. We don't live near each other, so these "meetings" are quite rare.

  2. My boyfriend: Although we are living together, I love to go out with him. I hate being at home all the time. A perfect date would be: going out to a nice restaurant and afterwards to cinema OR cocktails at a cool bar and then dancing.

  3. Friends: On a Saturday evening meeting friends spontaneously and spend a nice evening. That's fun!

  4. Summerrain: In the morning when I wake up and the rain is pattering down on earth. I love the sound. It is nice to know that it is summer and it is not cold outside.

  5. Music: I can't imagine a life without music. Sometimes I hear a certain song and I can remember special moments.

  6. Online-Shopping: Even on sundays all shops are open in the internet. I love to order clothes at H&M, make up or other lovely things at I can hardly wait until the postman comes and brings me all the wonderful stuff I have ordered. I love unpacking them.

  7. Chocolate: Yes, I have to admit I am a Chocolate-Lover.

  8. Books: I love reading books especially written by Barbara Wood. You must read "Virgins of Paradise". It's sooo awesome. I like good family stories with suspense.

  9. Breakfast: I love taking a breakfast on Sunday mornings. Waking up late and taking a yummy breakfast instead of lunch. With various bread rolls, smoked trout or salmon, cheese, jam, fried eggs, ...

  10. Weekend: I love my weekends. There is nothing better than having free time. Just doing what you want and spending time with your loved ones.

Now I'd like to tag:

Peaches and Blush 
Wise She 




  1. Thanks for the award and tag sweetie !
    Will do this in a bit :)

  2. That breakfast really sounds good:-) I love my weekends too, Get to recharge my batteries!! I have never read Barbara Woods..heading to Amazon to check her out..

  3. Thankyou dear! I will post it tonight or tomorrow.
    Breakfast on sunday morning really has something special! Although I'm not fond of sundays because I know I'll have to school the next day :p.