Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heat - Catch the fever

Hello ladies,

for the last days the weather was very cloudy and rainy... It feels like autumn. Usually it has to be sunny and hot here in Germany. But eiter way there is one good thing...this is the perfect weather for wearing the first perfume by BeyoncĂ© Knowles. It is called Heat and the scent features notes of red vanilla, orchid, magnolia, neroli, and blush peach. It comes as a Eau de Parfum. 

The first impression I get from this perfume is that I love the bottle. This combination of red and gold and its shape is just sexy! Surprisingly the fragrance is very fruity at first. But later it gets more deepness. I like it. But I think it is more suitable for autumn/winter times. In summer I like to wear flowery scents.

You can get 30 ml for 24 €/32 $.

Anyway it is a must-have for all BeyoncĂ© fans. 

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